Wrong Product Replacement

We sent RMA for a WD Red Pro HDD and received the replacement HDD with Black label.

We created a case to inform on the wrong product replacement. However, WD support replied informing they are unable to exchange with a proper label since this is a replacement and suggest we may escalate our case to next level of support.

We escalated our case but received no reply. We emailed to the support but received no reply. We had also called the hotline but nobody answer.

Would appreciate on any advice on how can we get the wrong HDD replaced.

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How long ago did you escalate the case?

Hello Great Scott,

Thank you for your kind assistance.

We escalated the case on 23 Apr 2018 and emailed to support on 2 May 2018 as well.

As of today, we still did not get any reply from both.

Hi @stroxanne - Could you send me a private message (you will need to have made a handful of posts before the button to send a PM appears) with the email address you used to create the case, the case/RMA number(s) and the serial of the drive? I attempted to look up the email address associated with your WD Community account but was not able to find any record of a case associated with the email.

Hello Great Scott,

Could you please advise how do we create handful of posts for the PM button to appear?

You should have enough by now. It was only 2 or 3 posts if I recall correctly. Is it still not showing up?