Wrong Model No?

Hi,i have a My Book Elite 1 TB.I’v seen that the model of this products must be WDBAAH0010HCH.The
model on back of HDD is the same.But the model that softwares such as Aida64 or Everest show is
WD10EARS.W10EARS is the model for Internal Caviar Green.What’s wrong? And also the Max Operating Temp specified
in Manulas is 35© in my case when idle temperature is 48©.I think something’s wrong somewhre?Can anyone
help me?Or does anyone have this HDD model and check the model by Everest or Aida64 plz?

Hi there!!

Everest tends to show the model number of the internal drive inside most external drives, so I would not be surprised…

The temperature is something else… What if you run a SMART test?

Do u mean the internal drive i’ve bought is Caviar Green.I think it’s not fair for WD to sell the same Caviar Green as External drives with higher price.The point is when the internal drive is Caviar Green the temperature range is specific for this series.But when manual refers to different temp. range,therefore the internal drive must be different.45-48 is normal temperature for Green series.and the Temp is one of SMART values.And in my case the SMART values is normal.But my problem is exactly the Internal Drive kind that i wonder to be Green Caviar???

Does anyone else have this Drive Series and can check the internal drive kind??