Wrong IP address

Hi Guys,

i just keyed in the wrong ip address under the static column in my WD Cloud browser. Now i cannot connect it to my computer and i cannot access the dashboard anymore. Tried doing a reset and system resstore but still to no avail. The LED light at the front is now blue solid.

Could anyone please help?


Apparently I got an email from someone that claims that my method of fixing a wrong ip works… so give it a try…


Now if none of my post works, remember that resetting the device with the 40 second reset means that you need three hands…

  1. unplug the device

  2. hold the reset button for 40 seconds…

  3. still holding the reset button, plug in the device (one hand holding the device, one hand holding the reset button and one hand to plug in the device). DO NOT DROP THE DEVICE

  4. after plugging it in, release the reset button.

Now let it sit until the blue light comes on… It may take up to 3, 4, 5, 6 hours… 

Now go check your router to see what dhcp ip number the device got assigned and access the UI via browser.