Writing to HDmycloud is slow

Hi guys

i am writing again about the HDmycloud , it is very slow, and I follow everything on the net without success.

I took some captures.

the speed of my network is 1 G

when I write to another pc to the network it gives better result than writing on the HD mycloud.

my network set up is as follow.

I have DSL modem from Bell , the newest one , and I connected the HD and 1 desktop and one laptop to the switch of the dsl modem.

I transfer file from desktop to laptop = fast

I transfer file from desktop to HD  mycloud = supper slow.

wdmycloud_network speed.png

and the transfer to the HD mycloud the reading is much better.

and to other laptop. that is 100 mega speed


and the Ethernet LED both green ( one is steady and one is blinking )

any solution?

I am using the cable that came with the mycloud cat5e.


Have you tried to connect the My Cloud directly to the PC to check the transfer rate? This will help to narrow down the cause of the problem. You can also follow the link below for some suggestions on how to improve the transfer rate. 

When transferring large files to or from a Personal Cloud drive, performance may be slower than expected 


I tried to connect direct to the pc , and i used different pc too , still the same , writing is 0.1 Mega Bite.

now I bought G switch , and still the same. when i do test to write to other pc on network it write 10MB speed.

i feel there is hidden configuration for the WDmycloud.