Write protected

When I try to copy and paste my files to my harddrive I get a message saying Write protected. I have been able to put files onto my harddrive by copy n paste but now it won’t let me, this did not start to happen until I was transferring some files and my external passport and it became unplugged I think that is why it is not letting me copy n paste, because I can copy and paste files into other folders on my computer but just not folders on my harddrive. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sounds like you corrupted your partition.  Did you ever get it to work.

I had the same problem.  I think my is working now.  I error-checked using windows.  It found a couple of bad areas, repaired them and it works fine so far.

I hope this helps you because I know what it is like to try and fix something that is not supported well.