Wpl video playlist imported from Windows Media Player

Have not had trouble using .wpl music playlists from the Local Drives (copied from Windows Media player) with Live Plus.

  I don’t have any trouble playing the mp4 videos from the “All Videos” selection but they won’t show up in the playlist.

 I have video playlists for .mp4 videos (work fine in Windows Media Player) that are copied into the Local Drives.  The Live Plus Media player replies “There is No Media in the Current Folder” when trying to use this playlist.  How do I get Live Plus to work with a Video wpl playlist?

Try using another playlist format such as M3U ASX WAX WVX or WMX. Let me know if the same issue occurs.

Have the same issue when trying to play a video playlist using .wpl or .m3u (says media not found—the list works fine in windows media player).  I think WDC Live is not reading the metadata on mp4 files.  When select all videos in WDC live, the display says file: mp4 genre: unknown.

When you create a playlist, it’s probably putting the filenames in a format like this:


The WD has no idea what that means.

You need to put the paths relative to the playlist itself.

Many thanks.  Your tip led me down the right path.  I looked at the .wpl playlist in notepad.  The video .wpl playlist  is in a
“relative path” format, however for the video playlist,  Windows media player (used to write the .wpl playlist) added a folder address layer to the relative path that wasn’t present in the Passport hard drive connected to the WDC Live player ( (videos located in a different folder from the mp3 music).  I edited out that extra folder name from the relative path and WDC Live playlist can now find the mp4 files.  That’s a great improvement.

(The other option was to move the video files into the music folder, however editing the .wpl video playlist is easier in the long run.)

It would still be a nice improvement, however, if the WDC Live could read the Metadata from MP4 files.  When I pull up an MP4 file the screen says “Genre unknown”, even though it might be tagged with “action” or “animation”.  Since it can read the Metadata from mp3 files, this would be a logical extension of its capabilities I would think.  Also cannot read the metatag naming of the file but instead displays the OS name for the file.