Worst Support On The Planet!

I have “3” WD external drives connected to my PC and Acronis for WD True Image can’t detect any of them!

Funny, All of my software utilities know what they are, but the software made for them doesn’t!!

What a JOKE!

I think Western Digital needs to start picking software companies that work with their products. I joined these forums, just to vent my frustration with WD.

I’ve never, in 40 years had so many issues with a company, their extremely finicky drives and wonder why, I keep giving them my money.

My Western Digital 5GB Game Drive is so slow, the MULTIPLE tests I’ve ran on this piece of junk keep telling me that the performance is in the lower 26%!

After browsing here for a while, I noticed one major problem.

These forums are FULL to the brim with questions and MOST are not being answered or being helped by WD technicians, but rather word of mouth, which isn’t what I like to see.

When you purchase something like this, you don’t expect the masses to be flooding the forums with questions, but rather a virtually dormant forum of hardly any questions at all, because the product works flawlessly.

Well, NEVER again will I purchase anything that says WESTERN DIGITAL!

OMG…I Just read through some posts on the thread:

" Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown"

and WD help is NOWHERE to be found!!

I have a “MY BOOK LIVE”.

My “MY BOOK LIVE” has been corrupted.
A virus has entered my “MY BOOK LIVE”, they don’t want to help me recover my lost data.
the virus has deleted the insides of many important folders.
My 3 year job.

MBL has been discontinued for security reasons

cheap USB disks are adequate

I have lost my data from my “MY BOOK LIVE”.

When WD sent me the email telling me that many owners of the “MY BOOK LIVE” were attacked by the virus and entered the “MY BOOK LIVE”, by now I had already had the damage.

For this reason they have created this data recovery program from “MY BOOK LIVE”.
Now WD does not want to help me recover my data, even knowing the “MY BOOK LIVE” has software problems and many have been attacked by viruses

The customer with a Qualifying Product must have contacted Western Digital Support and be issued a case number by no later than July 31, 2021

Sorry, Idiotic thread, I replied to myself the first time??

July 31, 2021 is the deadline, don’t miss it and here is the link explaining:

BTW…This link or thread has nothing to do with my issues of my (3) WD drives not being recognized by Acronis for WD, but because I commented on the lack of support being offered to the MANY people who lost data, the idiots here, using no brain power, but instead using automation to send replies, put my frustration with WD into this mix; because of a last minute comment I made at the bottom of my post.

Good luck with their help, if you even get any.

we can all take legal action together.

I have lost my job done in 3 years.
I don’t want to help me recover my data because I didn’t have a factory reset.
It seems they are only helping people who have had the factory reset.

Instead people like me who have had a partial hard drive wipe are not entitled to any help.

Impossible … What can we do?