WorldBook II Drive Says "GOOD", But Clean HD Icon is On and Drive says Unassigned

I’m using a mirrored RAID configuration.  I have drive that says it’s “GOOD”, but the Clean disk icon is on.  The drive says it’s unassigned for the volume.  Do I need to click on the Clean disk icon and have it remirror the data?



Hi there, it can be that one of the 2 drives is bad.

Take a drive out, test it and zero it with DLG then put it back in, allow the RAID to rebuild and do the same with the second drive (The first one is now inside and rebuilt) and see if it helps.

I tested the drive and it looks fine. 

Now Disk Manager says:

HDD1 - New

HDD2 - Good

When I look at the Manage Volume screen under Volumes and RAID management, I just see my Mirror Raid and it says “Degraded”.  Makes sense to me because I think I need to add the disk back into the RAID config.  In fact, there’s a little icon button for doing that.  But when I click on that the RAID config option on that screen for that disk says “Span”.  I don’t want to span.  I want it to reparticipate in the mirror.  When I click submit, it says the RAID configuration is not valid for that drive.  I think that makes sense again becuase the RAID config is Mirror so it can’t SPAN.  How do I get the drive to participate in the MIRROR and not delete all my data in the process.



The user manual for your drive has the steps necessary for repairing your raid:

The info starts on page 169, under the heading “Replacing a Drive”