World Edition Questions

Hi All…I am about to purchase the 1TB World Edition, I just have a few questions before hitting the buy button.

I currently have a 500GB USB WD disk, I believe I can attach this directly to the back of the NAS drive, Can I backup the NAS drive to the USB attached drive using the supplied software?

I currently have an XBOX360 & a PS3…does the media center software allow streaming to both these devices? I know the 360 can be funny with what it can see?

any guidance would be appreciated

Using the supplied software you can back up to or from the usb attached device.

I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and streaming media (as long as it isn’t HD content*) works just fine. Remember that the 360 and PS3 will only play file formats that it supports. The PS3 is a much better choice for streaming content as it supports more media formats and 6 channel audio (360 does not).

*I say this because with my MBWE I cannot get transfers rates above 2mbps thus causing lag on files larger than 1.5GB