World Book II's fail to start

I have just reconfigured 2 World Book II drives from static ip addresses to obtain IP addresses from DHCP.

Following the reconfiguring and rebooting the drives neither drive will now start.

On attempting to start them they show one  bottom light segment light for 20 seconds or so and then shut down.

Pressing the reset button (20 seconds) does not reset the drives to their initial setting.

With both drives showing the same problem at the same time and after undergoing the same IP address reconfiguration it is obviously a software problem not a hardware failure.

Any ideas out there?

Hello, have you tried connecting one of the My Books directly to the PC Ethernet port? The reset button only needs to be pressed for 4 seconds. 

Thanks Ichigo,

Connection source doesn’t help; both drives simply shut down 20 seconds after being powered up regardless of whether they are connected or disconnected from any ethernet source.

The reset button does does not reset the factory settings or indeed seem to have any effect on the drives.  I have tried pressing it for the 4 seconds indicated in the user manual.  I have also tried using it for 20 seconds as indicated in the item below from the WD knowledge base.

How to reset the WD ShareSpace or the WD My Book World (White Light) drive

Answer ID 2683   |    Last Updated 03/22/2012

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NOTE Note: The User Manual for the My Book World (White Light) incorrectly states that you need to hold down the reset button for only 4 seconds to reset the device. The correct information (20 seconds) is in the article below. 

To reset only the Device name, IP Settings, and Administrator Password to factory default, use the reset button. To use this function, press and hold the  Reset  button on the back of the device (next to power interface) for at least 20 seconds.