Works Wireless But no Plugged into Laptop

Hey guys. Having a real pain in the butt issue.

WD box worked fine. still does.  BUT stopped working while plugged into the laptop.  I can use it fine if i plug the WD box into my router and then wireless run files from my laptop through my wireless router.  I don’t mind except I find the ffw and rwd alot faster while plugged directly into my laptop.  I hate transferring files to an external hard drive.  I JUST bought my WD box.  

Can anyone help? Its not the ethernet cable.  I used the same cable to connect it to my router that i did into my laptop. 


Yes, it IS your network cable.  You must have a CROSSOVER cable to plug a WD directly into your laptop.  It’s a special kind of cable.

Really, if the performance is different when it’s plugged directly into your laptop versus through the router’s switch, there’s a serious network problem in your environment somewhere…

I had a similar problem

it turned out that my router had a bridging problem between the wired and wriless connections.

A new router solved my problem

I can confirm what Tony said, you need a proper network crossover cable. Using a standard LAN patch cable, most Laptop LANs DO NOT have the required crossover detection intelligence to correctly handshake when directly with the WDTV Live.

thanks for the reply.

thing is , it worked for about two weeks with a standard blue ethernet cable. i do not go through the router. i go direct from the wd box to my laptop with a blue ethernet. never had a problem. then all of asudden it did not work… detects my laptop, i can access my files, just cant play any of them

never passed it thru the router with a wire.  only tried it wirelessly to my router then a ethernet to my wd box.

i will try the other cable you suggested, but it did work with standard blue ethernet cable, for about two weeks., 

Have you tried to reset the WDTV?

Try Factory Reset through the UI, if that does not work then do the hard reset.

According to the available Sigma chip specifications, within the specifications, there is no mention of LAN crossover detection. Therefore I would not expect that the WDTV Live possesses the LAN crossover intelligence. It may be possible that your laptop may have software LAN crossover intelligence if it worked with a normal LAN cable. Check the specifications of your laptop for LAN cable auto detect, then go into your LAN settings and check through the tabs to confirm there are LAN crossover detection settings. If there are LAN crossover detection settings in the LAN setup, change to LAN crossover and see if it makes a difference.