I have just started using My Passport Ultra.  I have plugged it into my USB 3.0 hub.  Okay, newbie question here.  How do I know it is doing anything??  I do not see anything on my laptop that indicates the external drive.  There is no progress bar. The white light on the drive is not blinking (it did initially).  So, how do I know that my laptop is being backed up?

I could not find any answers online.

Thanks for your patience.


Plug it directly into the PC hubs can cause problem. Check in Disk Management and see if it shows there and has a drive letter assigned.


Thanks, Joe.

I checked Disk Management (also new to me) and My Passport shows up with the letter E and it says it has 89% free space.  Was the first 11% taken up by software to make the thing run?  How do I know I am backed up?

Lynne C