Working with Wordpress Cross Platform (OSX and Windows)

Hi guys
I was able to install wordpress in my NAS. I was able to install several wordpress instance and I’m working in developing different websites. I have 2 computers: Windows and Mac. The problem is when I try to access to wordpress with my Mac.
For example. In Windows the URL is wdmycloudmirror/wordpress/website1
But in Mac the URL is wdmycloudmirror.local/wordpress/website1
But I can’t login to the wordpress website that way.
It seems that for Mac I will need a different URL.
Any ideas?


I haven’t try this on a Mac, let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Hey ERmorel. Thanks.
Yeah, I’m using a Windows 7 machine and a Mac Book Air laptop. I checked with Chrome and Safari but can’t get inside wordpress websites.
When I write the URL in OSX wdmycloudmirror.local/wordpress it asked me to install wordpress again.
I’ve already installed wordpress in the W7 machine with the recommended URL wdmycloudmirror/wordpress

That is telling me that cross platform website development is not possible. I hope I’m wrong.

Let’s wait if someone could tell us about their experience.