I just wanted to know who’s tired of the workarounds? I know I am and I just want my HUB to perform where I don’t have to shut it down, unplug it, rollback, etc.:cry:

Specifically what?   I just read your whole posting history and didn’t see anything in there that you haven’t already said was resolved…

“Specifically ” what you have posted about Netflix crashing, firmware rollbacks, network issues, etc. My issue are resolve because hundreds of users have the same issues, through trial and error they finally find a workaround to band-aid  the issue.

Look at the board and I know you do, nothing but issues. There’s no response by WD, they just implement silly games.

Here you go Tony…

Your link doesn’t work.   Something about an image in an Anonymous user?   If you’re linking to one of your gallery images, that doesn’t work.   Ya actually have to post the image from your gallery.

I know of no network issues that are systemic to the hub.  Not a one.

I know of no common problem with NetFlix crashing (It’s *NEVER* crashed on me)  I know WD’s release for 2.06.10 was addressing crashes for SOME people, but it never was clear what those people had that I don’t or vice versa…

The only firmware rollback I’ve pitched lately is due to the ISO DVD issue… 

As far as “Workarounds” go, they’re always going to be a necessity.   For the most part, it’s because the box isn’t doing what someone WANTS it to do, as opposed to it not doing something it’s DESIGNED to do.  

But yes, I’ll grant you there are some issues out there.   

And there *always* will be.  It’s the same story with every single media appliance on the market…   :wink:

So, honestly.   I’m asking what issues YOU’RE having in case they haven’t been addequately addressed.