Work round for WD TV Live Streaming Media Player not remembering the HDMI settings

Work round for WD TV Live Streaming Media Player not remembering the HDMI settings:  

WD support has suggested that I enter this on the Forums.

If one powers up and goes into setup / audio-video, and sets the HDMI say to

1920 - 1080P 50Hz, follow through and confirm the change, maybe then watches

a video (not necessary for it memorise).

Now for the important bit —If one does not put the unit into standby and

down powers it, it will come up correctly on the next power up boot.

I did a number of tests including going into standby and out of standby

(without powering down), Powering up without the tv connected etc and the

important point is never power down with the unit in Standby and it then

remembers the HDMI settings!!!

So it looks as if “Power down” in standby mode somehow it erases the HDMI

setting memory in the nvram on power down, so it will come up on 1280 x 720P 60hz or 1920 x 1920i 60hz on the next power up.

As well as this the USB drive is not powered down in Standby. It looks as if this area needs some


I reinstated V1.16.13 and repeated the above to confirm that I get the same


As I spent many hours doing the above I did not get round to working back

through the software to find the point where setting the HDMI to “Auto” got

the definition right.

I am using with a Sharp LC-39LE351K Tv in the UK.

I have some 3 HD Satellite receivers / pvrs, one DTT T2 HD receiver / pvr,

and a Blu Ray player, with these one goes into their “Setup” menus and set

the HDMI definition as required and that is it, they always power up / come

out of standby as set in their menus I really would expect your unit to do

the same too.

I have 3 friends with these units and we all are moaning about the above.

A suggestion for additions to software: In the UK, the unit now has the BBC i Player it would be nice to have the ITV player and the ones for Channel 4 and 5 here in the UK–our Public Service

Broadcasters channels please. Hint Hint.


Ken Hodges


Thank you for sharing this information.

Sorry realised I have put in wrong section so have moved to  WD TV Live Streaming Media Player section.

Ken Hodges