Word Book II - 2 TB missing / unaccessible directory

I currently have a world book II - 2 TB -85% free space.  Along with Wd TV live. I was playing MP3’s from my WBII and all of a sudden the music stopped when i was in the other room. I went back into the MP3 directory i made (years ago) and it said (wasn’t accessible) I then went to my PC and went to the MP3 directory and said “network access denied” or is not available. I’m not sure how to purse this further because the other directories I have “Movies” , “Pictures”, “Public” are still accessible. I also don’t remember my password.  I am aware of the Login & Password being “admin” for default but it doesn’t show in the manual on how to reset so that it can be accessed. 

Thank you,

Mike Jajkowski

I have exactly the same problem, a can no longer access my public share, where all my media was stored :frowning: