Won't stop updating!

help please

the update won’t stop updating if i leave the usb drive connected and if a take it out, all i see is the big WD logo and the box is not responding to the remote, if i unplug it,  it ask to plug back the firmware, i have tried to reset it but nothing happen.

thank you

I too am having this issue.  I have allowed it to update 5 times and it still continues to keep looping on the update.


i just bought it today so it’s now back in the box and i will return and exchange it tomorrow, don’t know if i will update the next one dought .

I too have this issue and bought this POS last month.  I suggest you buy the Patriot Memory Box, it’s like $60 i think or less now w/ all the rebates and it comes w/ a wi fi.  I searched a bit and there’s actually a 3rd party firmware that you can upload to your WDLive and it works wonders, solved everyhting.  That’s how I solved my issue.  Someone else took out their USB and put in an older firmward during the endless update.  You can update to a “new” firmware after that, but just don’t update to the newest.

Using the third party software is not necessary. Just use 1.03.29 Rollback software available from WD. The looping problem is mentioned many, many times in both B & V firmware threads.