Wont Play Netflix (AUSTRALIA)

g’day every one,

In australia Netflix doesnt come set up in my WD TV Live Wi Fi so as advised from another forum, i  “factory reset”  the box and the Netflix icon appeared but when i try to log on it tells me “it unavailable in your country”.

I already use Netflix on my lap top in which i was able to block the ip address by using an ip blocking software. 

Can somene kind enough to point out a step by step solution, if there is one???

I completed my set up wireless and prefer to keep it that way

Also how can i add more channels?

My modem spec if its of any use:
Security: 64/128 bits WEP data encryption, WPA/WPA2 
(Wi-Fi Protected Access)
Multiple SSID
802.11e Wireless QoS (WMM/WME)
MAC address-based access control

I believe that the services are not available in AU however you can search online like on google to see if someone has a solution for that…

Is not a product limitation as far as I know.