Won't play mkv files

Here is my issue and I hope someone can help me. For the past few weeks, whenever I try to play a newely added movie from my external hardrive on my media player, I can’t play it. The movie folder shows up on the media player but when I open it, all that is on the screen is THERE IS NO MEDIA AVAILABLE FOR PLAYBACK. This has never happened before, But for some reason the past few weeks whenever I try to play a recently added movie that is what I get. I know the movie is on the hard drive because I can play it on my computer from the hard there. The firmware recently updated, I thought that may be the issue so I went back to the old firmware. That didn’t help. I pressed the reset button and went back to the orginal setting and that didn’t work ether. It is very strange, also when I tried to add the movie to a different movie folder ( horrible bosses 2 to the horrible bosses 1 folder) I got the same message in the folder for both movies. I deleted the new movie and I still wasn’t able to play the first movie. I am so frustrated, I tried to look this issue up but everything I found was no help. If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated.



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Is this happening with old movie files well (Files that worked in the past)? If so, then it’s possible for the new files to use a codec profile not supported by your WD TV. If possible, please share the MediaInfo of affected files with the WD Community for analysis: