Wont Play Flac music audio


    This is my first post on here so hello to everyone.  :wink: I have a small problem in that I can’t get my WDTV live to play Flac files yet it’s supposed to be a supported format any one else having this problem .:cry:

nope.  i don’t really use mine for music, but i tested it and it works fine.

update… i just tested it again, works fine.  playing Ben Harper White Lies for Dark Times .flac right now, works great.

try updating your FIRMWARE and going thru MUSIC on the WDTV, it should work.  flac is all i own, no MP3’s for me.


How are you trying to play those files, directly from a USB HDD or network share, or through a media server application like WMP etc…? If you are trying to play them directly then the flac files must be non standard, cause my flac files play fine on the WDTV. Or maybe you didn’t set the right file permissions. If you are using a media server then it either doesn’t support flac files (like WMP), or it’s not properly set.

What error message do you get anyway?

Thanks for the replies. Well this is really weird cos I tried & tried again & it definately would not play was getting the media not supported message so I wiped the folder its on a WD my book network drive by the way, however after getting my first reply confirming that they should play ok I decided to try again & guess what yep they play now, only thing I can think of is that whilst trying to get them to play amongst other things I powered down both the WDTV & the Nas box & this possibly did the trick I should have known better as the sparkies at work fix 50% of all problems with this method :smiley:

To be honest though I dont think I’ll bother with Flac any more as through the WDTV they sound exactly like mp3 files where as when I play Flac on the PC with VLC they out gun mp3’s easy

     Thanks again to all who replied.

Flac two channel playing well for me.

This doesn’t sound right at all. Without entering in considerations about the the type of MP3 encoders/parameters etc… involved in the files you were testing, which can affect greatly the perceived quality during reproduction, if you do hear a difference on your PC you should hear that difference multiplied by 2 when you play them on the WDTV. Not because the WDTV would “improve them”, but because home theaters normally have better speakers.

You mentioned you were playing the files from a NAX box with a WD My Book attached to it, and at first you got the “media not supported” message. Now I don’t have experience with NAS boxes, but that’s not the type of message you get when you read supported files from a network share, it sounds more like you were accessing the NAS as a media server; if so, the NAS box might be transcoding the flac files “on the fly”, possibly to MP3, in which case it would be no surprise that they sound no better than actual MP3s.

If that was the case, try playing the files reading them from a network share, rather than media server, and if they sound better you know the media server was messing with the files.

I tried playing the same files, with the WDTV but this time by accessing them from my pc instead of the NAS box and they sounded the same