WOL for My Book Live


if have recently brought a My Book Live and i really like it because of its easy setup and integration. But i like to shutdown the device when i’m not needing it (like in the night) with the WD Quick View and i got really frustrated to start up the NAS again. Because the My Book Live does not support WOL so i always have to reconnect the power adaptor. I have also contacted the Support and i get following answer:

I apologize but the drive does not support WOL but I recommend that you post your feature request within the “Ideas” section of our Community Forums at http://community.wdc.com. Our development team reviews the forums on a regular basis, to see the most commonly requested features by our customers.

So i post a new idea and if you interested in this feature please support this idea:



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Add my name to this list as well.  I hate to sound rude, but not having WOL on this drive is just a HUGE gaffe.  it has me considering returning it and going with a different brand.  I mean, really people.  Where is the WD Quality? 

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Is Broadcom BCM54610  capable of WOL? 

Official descritption doesn’t say it has WOL, though it’s mentioned for some other models.