WMA and AAC Audio files not playing WD TV Live Streaming

Hi There I have just bought a WD TV Live Streaming and are connected wirelessly. to my computer and a HDMI from WD TV to my TV.

I am same issue with current firmware and previous., resetting factory default is no help.

The issue is that I cannot play AAC and WMA audio files but I can play MP3 files. I am only very new to this and have tried lots of things that have been suggested on fourms in relation to issues similar to this but I just cant work this issue out! If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it, cheers


Hi there, what audio configuration do you have on the SMP?

Hi there jbrown,

Could you be more specific?

When you say that the files are “not playing”, does that mean you get the “not supported” error message, or does the device attempt to play the files but you don’t hear anything?

If you are not getting an error message, this could be due to your passthrough settings.

Navigate to Setup > Audio/Video Output > Audio Output

If you are using “Digital passthrough” via Optical or HDMI, then you must make sure that your TV or Receiver supports the format you are passing  through. For HDMI, you can use “Auto” and the WD TV will ask the TV/Receiver what formats it supports. Only those formats will be set to “Passthrough” mode.