Wireless todays posibilitys

first of all excuse my english ,

i proudly owned a wdtv live + , for about  8 months ago  and sice then i  did a extensive research about  the  wireless posibilitys of this device,  the conclutions were divided, my question is , is there now,  or will be in the near future a solution to transmit or stream over a wireless network of any kind, a video file of 1080p form any  divice (NAS or PC ) to the wdtv or is  definitibly that this  media player  is limited in this aspect

It works fine for me.

I use Linksys E3000 as a BRIDGE ONLY (not a router), and I use Linksys WUSB600N in my Live+ (now a Hub after I upgraded it.)

My Media network is 5.8 GHz 802.11n, and ONLY media devices attach to that network.  

did really hight 1080p bitrate videos or compresed ones , is you use the WUSB600N as a brigde what is the diference in terms of  trasmition speeds or processing if it is in the same usb interfase as a normal standar connection i wonder because i had see another post when seems to conect de ap wire to the ethernet port in the wdtv but you do it by the usb 

another thing do you has to change the firmware of the WUSB600N to make the brigde?

Wireless n supports up to a maximum of 300 Mbit/sec transfers, but that’s under ideal conditions and using bonded channels.

Most folks get far lower rates in real-world conditions.

I don’t believe anyone can get full BluRay bitrates to stream cleanly wirelessly… some folks can get 1080p to stream well if it’s under around 20Mbit… some folks can’t get any 1080p wirelessly, and can only get 720p wirelessly, and need wired for 1080p.

Since we don’t know your conditions, I don’t think anyone can guarantee what you will and won’t have success with.

heliodorocu wrote:

another thing do you has to change the firmware of the WUSB600N to make the brigde?

I think you might be misunderstanding. The WUSB600N is a wireless adapter. You can plug it in to one of the WD’s USB ports to give it wireless ability. You cannot change the firmware of the WUSB600N. The drivers for it are already built in to the WD’s firmware.

I think Tony was trying to tell you that the WUSB600N wireless adapter has the ability to connect using the 5GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz band that most adapters use. This gives you the ability to dedicate the 5GHz radio to video only, which might help if you are trying to stream high bitrate videos. In order to do that, you also need to have a simultaneous dual-band wireless router that supports the 5GHz transmission. That is why he mentioned the E3000 to you. 

i undertend that  but i was talking about change the  WUSB600N firmware to make a brigde type conection(that tony describes)  or this type of conection is posible with the original packect WUSB600N , because i am wondering about wish adapter to the side  of the wdtv  is better a usb or big one that can you connect to the ethernet port , i have see brigde conection  this way but with the pendrive adapters type works to ? if is sow why are so much troubles in straeming hd content with a normal wireless conection using for example this adpater and router(even in optimal ideal real world conditions and configuration) or even so there is a limitation by the wdtv itself that can´t not be resolved

There is no way to change the firmware in the WUSB600N. You just plug it in and it works. The WD device already has the software built-in to operate it. Tony was saying he also uses the E3000 in bridge mode, not the WUSB600N.

Edit: You can either use the E3000 in bridge mode, or use the WUSB600N (as is) to connect the WD device wirelessly.


he adapter/router tony use are N dual band devices is same result with 802.11 n devices like other cisco routers no dual band and adapter in ideal condition or the dual band really makes the diference

Yeah, I used the wrong term up there.

I use the E3000 more like an ACCESS POINT.   Meaning, I do not use the WAN port on the E3000, so it is not acting as a router.

I plug the LAN side of the E3000 into my wired LAN, and the Hub accesses the WLAN via the WUSB600N.