Wireless SSD not showing up when plugged in via USB

I have a Macbook PR with Big Sur and the Wireless SSD is not showing up in the Finder or on the Desktop. Sometimes it shows up in the Disk Utility but when wanting to mount it there is an Error arising. Mostly when plugged into the Mac via USB-C/A Hub it’s not even detected by the Disk Utility App.

There error is (com.apple.DiskManagement.disenter error 49153)

I can read the wireless SSD via USB on a Windows 10 Laptop. Its formatted in NTSF, and also it works fine via Wifi on all devices.
And NTSF USB-Stick is working fine on the Mac, just not the Wireless SSD connected via USB.

Do you have any Ideas, on how one should get this hard drive to be read?
Any experiences with similar situations or ideas?

Thank you for your time reading or responding!