Wireless Range Extender Setup

I just purchased the WD Mycloud Pro4100 as my old WD ShareSpace does not work with my new Dell Windows 10. I have set up the Pro4100 on my router in the laundry room. I have an Amped Wireless Range Extender with my new Dell desktop hardwired via ethernet as is the old ShareSpace. Does anyone know if the Pro4100 NAS can be setup on the range extender and perform as well from the extender rather than the router?

a WD NAS is not designed to connect to a wireless signal from a router or a range extender. IT MUST be connected to a router Ethernet port or a network switch connected to the router.

Download the compete user manual for your NAS so you understand the basics of how it works!

@Paulem, there’s no wifi module in the PR4100 and USB wifi module drivers are not included in the kernel.
Performance over wifi is usually a lot lower than gigabit ethernet.
So the short answer is: no - no.

If you know a fair bit of linux, you could try to compile drivers for a USB wifi module though, see my TVHeadend thread for some guidelines.