Wireless Pro seems lost (no access)

Dear community,
After a few month using the drive, it stopped working with the “drive LED” blinking (while USB connected). I let it a few days and when I wanted to use again it was impossible to access by USB - eventually, trying to connect by wifi, I got the all LED blinking. I reinitialized (maintaining the 2 buttons during 10 sec). It looked to work partially only :slight_smile:

  • I can connect via Wifi (with default password) but no way to access the dashboard (blank page loading)
  • I can’t connect via USB on my Mac (drive not readable)
  • I can connect via USB on my Windows laptop (even if it looks slow and when I want to eject, the drive LED blinks eternally)

I do not want to lose my work saved on the drive. I am lost as much as the drive looks to be ! Can anyone help me ?

thank you

If you can connect by USB. . . that means you can access the drive contents via file explorer when it is connected?

If so. . . .then you need to get the data off of that drive onto a backup. Not clear on how to fix the other problems.

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the connection looks fragile and when done, the stream is extremely weak : it takes hours to copy a file…
I am worried I made a mistake counting on this hard drive.