Wireless keyboard driver for PIXEL? Can't type "@" sign

Hi guys, I just obtained and installed my PiDrive today. Generally I am excited about the product. One question, however: the wireless mouse and keyboard are working. But when I am booting into the PIXEL desktop environment I don’t manage to type a “@” character or reach any other character in the row above digits. Is there any driver available?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, is your Pi configured for your keyboard’s regional settings? Check your “settings” in PIXEL and make sure the keyboard is set to your region (e.g. “US”). The default setting is UK and US keyboards won’t completely work with it.

Thank you for your reply. I am now operating the Pi as a headless 24/7 server so I don’t need the keyboard and mouse for it any more, I am controlling it via VNC Viewer. I will use the wireless devices with a regular Win PC where the multimedia options on the keyboard make sense.

Meanwhile my Pi is humming along with Nextcloud - love it!