Wireless Improvement

I use 802.11g and, when transferring files from my computer to the hub, I consistently got speeds of 200-300 KB/s. I just noticed over the past couple of days that I am getting speeds of 800-1000 KB/s. My network hardware has not changed but I did recently switch from WEP to WPA-2. It doesn’t seem like this would change transfer speeds in this magnitude. Perhaps a Hub firmware change is responsible? Has anyone else noticed an improvement?

WPA-2 has less encryption overhead compared to WEP. Ideally, you should convert to a wireless N setup if you want maximum throughput.

You have a wireless-N network that’s why you experienced an improvement. Using WEP will give you a maximum speed of 54mbps (the maximum for wireless-G) even though you have a wireless-N network which has a maximum speed of up to 150 or 300 or 600 mbps depending on your hardware. By switching to WPA2, you are able to maximize the speed of your wireless-N network.

I don’t have wireless-N. I have wireless-G. I have an eight year old Linksys WRT54G router. I changed it from WEP to WPA2 recently because my Tivo crapped out. It had required WEP. For about 18 months I was consistently getting transfer speeds of 200-300 KB/s. I noticed this past week I was getting 800-1000 KB/s. As for changing to wireless-N, as was suggested, I tried that about four years ago and I could not get a reliable signal in my office which is two floors removed from my router. I switched back to my old router. I am not complaining. I am quite happy with the faster performance. I was only wondering if it was the result of a firmware change.