Wireless disconnects when Hub is off

Before the most recent firmware update (3.01.19), I would be able to view my Hub on my network with the power off just fine, but since then, I have to reconnect the Hub to my wireless network every time I start the thing up.  It doesn’t stay connected like it did with the 3.00.68 (i think 68?) firmware.  I know my wireless adapter is good, because it worked for several months without having to turn the hub on. Is this happening to anyone else?  And if so, can anyone think of a fix for it, besides rolling back the firmware?

Unfortunately, no.

I may have actually figured this out… I changed my networks name, so even though I reconnected it to the newly named network and everything was fine, the old networks name was still saved in the #1 position meanwhile the new networks name was in the #2 position, so every time I would turn the hub off, it was still looking at the #1 spot, and not the #2… So i deleted the #1, moved the new network from the #2 to the #1 spot, and all seems to be well (knock on wood)… 

if this makes any sense, sure.

Makes sense to me…  I’m not sure if it goes “in Order” or not, but it may be that #1 was selected as the “Default.”