Wireless connectivity with Netgear N150

I am having issues setting up a Netgear N150 Wireless USB on my MediaHub.  The N150 is listed under supported devices and I upgraded the firmware to 2.07.17.  I do not broadcast my SSID and I use a WEP key (not password).  I entered the WEP key where it asks for the password but I cannot get an IP address.  I do see that I have a strong signal to the network from the network connections screen.  Any suggestions?

Try broadcasting your SSID just long enough to set it up.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried that but no luck.  I also tried giving it a fixed IP to rule out DHCP issues but that did not help either.

I am assuming in the set up when it prompts for the WEP password it also means the WEP key.  I do not use a password but a 128-bit WEP key.

I ran an Ethernet cable just to make sure I could connect to the network and I was able to.  The problem with that is that a 50 ft network cable run through two rooms doesn’t look so pretty.

I am thinking at this point that it is either not accepting the WEP key or the N150 is not supported by the device.  Everything in the supported list for the device matches although it does not show a supported revision or version for the N150. 

Has anyone had success with a specific USB wireless adapter?  Any that you would recommend?

I don’t think many people are using WEP these days… It’s so easy to hack. Any way you could try WPA?

EDIT:   I can’t get to NetGear’s support documentation from my office because NetGear only uses FTP.  :)   I’m curious to see if the N150 even supports WEP; a lot of the newer adapters don’t.