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Apologies if this turns out to be a silly question but I have been looking for a definitive answer for some time now and am getting nowhere so I am hoping somebody can help me by telling me (wherever possible in idiot’s language) how to achieve the set-up I am aiming for.

Current Situation:

I currently have 1 * “Western Digital TV HD 1080P Media Player” and 2 * “Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive”.

One of my drives is connected to my media player which in turn is connected to my TV in the living room. The other drive sits in my home office next to my router. My laptop spends most of it’s time in the dining room table. This means that each time I want to back-up my laptop hard drive, I have to take it into the office, connect it to that drive and kick off the back-up and leave it running overnight. Also, each time I download something that I then subsequently want to watch on my tv via my media player, I have to unplug the drive from the media player, plug it into the laptop, copy the file over and then switch the plugs over again.

I want to get rid of all this switching round of USB plugs. Ideally, I’d like to be able to connect wirelessly to both of my external drives so that I can just simply cut/paste files from my laptop to my media player drive and kick off back-ups without ever leaving the dining room.

Can anybody tell me precisely what I need to do to make this happen including whatever WD kit I may need to purchase?

Sorry if this has been asked before but as I said, I have not been able to find the answer I have been looking for.

The WD TV HD nor My book support wireless. You can get a WD TV Live or Live Plus for wireless connections. Once the drive is connected in to the WD TV Live it will be accessible on the network  as long as the device( WD TV Live)  is hooked in to a wireless USB adapter.  You can also get a My Book Live which will work connected in to the router, allowing you to backup multiple computers to it.

So basically, I need to replace my existing media player with one of these?



… and my two existing drives with one of these?


Where would I find the wireless USB adaptor?

Once installed, and connected to my wireless router, would the devices be simply viewable on my laptop like any other connected drive in windows explorer, or would I have to something else to make that happen?

Sorry is these questions are a bit basic.

You got it. Once connected they will show up on your network and you will be able to access from any of your computers. You can map the drive and it will show on Computer with a drive letter.

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What about that wireless USB adaptor. Can you give me a link to an example of what I need to purchase?

Like this?


This  one will do.