Wireless backup with windows 7

Hi Everybody,

Has anyone else run into issues with backing up to the My World Book Edition using Windows 7 backup utility? It will work if I hardwire my laptop to the router (and the world book is hardwired to the router), but if it tries to backup wirelessly, it fails about halfway through.

If anyone else has run into this issue, I’d be curious to see if you were able to solve it.

Not with windows 7, but with vista. Sometimes when I back up or transfer files the computer actually looses internet connectivity and only works within the WLAN. Other times I get complaints about the drive not being connected and I end up with a bunch of corrupted files. Even better is the times when I get complaints about lacking the proper rights to write to the drive.

All these errors occur when connecting over WiFi, hardwire never EVER gives me any hassle. To be honest, Im closing in on a point at which am thinking about bringing my drive back for a refund. These past two months it has caused me more problems than it have solved!

Well that’s a little disconcerting. It sounds like we have a similar issue. I wonder if it has anything to do with a setting that makes the drive go to sleep after some time of inactivity? The problem is that it should be thinking it’s inactive, because windows is trying to backup to the drive.

Then again, maybe it has something to do with some subtle network setting that’s over my head. I have no idea. Just hoping someone else had had the same problem!