Wireless Adaptor

I’m switching from wired to wireless connection to my media storage drive.  Any suggestions on which wireless adaptor is “best” for this app?   I’m interested in speed and reliability.  I have tried a couple but the WD Live Plus does not recognize the adaptor.  I suspect I had the wrong version adaptor.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Linksys Wireless-N USB network adapter with dual-band WUSB600N Ver 2
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Thanks for the quick reply.  Is it always better to run this device wired rather than wireless?  It would involve routing wires through walls, etc.  Having no experience with the WD Live I’m wondering if you see drops using wireless? I’m using an N Linksys router.

Again, thanks for the help.

Yep, you see performance loss on wireless as wired is more stable. If running wires is a problem, then try powerline :slight_smile:

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