Wired network hub doesn't read pc

I’m setting up my new hub on a wired network. The pc reads the hub fine. I’ve been able to transfer a .iso movie file fine as a test (although I did have to reset the hub in order to ‘see’ it ) and it played. I’m pumped about that!

However I’m not able to access a shared file on the pc. I try to make a connection to say, a video file, on the pc. I go into the video tab on the browser, select the network share for the source, and it displays ‘no storage present’.

Am I missing something? Do I need to tweak any settings?  I tested the network connection under settings and that was ok. I believe my firewall settings allow access. I have the latest fw update installed.

Thanks for any help.

cygnusx1, unfortunately there is no mention of your Operating System in your post. Nonetheless, based on the supplied information I would dare to say you are currently under Windows, so perhaps the following articles might be of some help to confirm the settings needed to allow proper sharing with your WD TV Live Hub HD Media Center:

Answer ID 3787: Sharing folders in Windows for WD Media Players

Answer ID 3792: Unable to access the Windows 7 Media Server


Thanks for your reply Trancer. I’m running WinXP SP3. Those instructions for file sharing work only after I made sure I had the right network workgroup name setup! Something simple overlooked caused 2 days worth of frustration. Moving on now to enjoying the hub.