Wiping My Book World Edition II

After a few years of faithful service, I’ve decided that it is time to upgrade my World Edition II (1TB configured as 512GB RAID1) to something bigger.  I would like to pass it on to someone else, or sell it.  I’d like to securely wipe the data off, or scrub the newly emptied disks so that the next owner can’t use any common disk recovery software to get to my data.

I’ve looked around and there doesn’t seem to be any free NAS wiping utilities out there.  And since this is the version that will occasionally conk out with a delayed write failure, a wiping utility that works in segments might be best.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I pop the drive in a linux box a use a tool there?  Obviously a tool like DBAN could potentially scrub the firmware partition so I want to be careful.


take it out, connect it to a sata port, whipe the thing with any whipe tool and put it back, start it up and format it?

That’s what I would do if I was so worried about the next owner recovering my data…