Windows workgroup split in half by WDTV Live?

I have a hybrid Windows & Linux network. The windows workgroup, including Linux Samba shares, has worked fine for years. When I added my WDTV Live, something strange happened. It can see some but not all my hosts. The remaining hosts can see each other but they can’t see the ones that the WDTV Live can see. It is as if the workgroup has been split in half. They’re all on the same 10.1.1/24 network and can ping each other.

Every machine has the same workgroup name.

Also, when I use the “net view” command on any of the five Windows machines, I get an error message after about 30 seconds: “System error 53 has occured. The network path was not found.” I’m sure this is an important clue but google hasn’t turned up any useful information on this message.

For likely the same reason, the Windows Explorer and WDTV Windows Share scanning seems to take a long time.

I don’t know much about Windows Workgroups but I was under the impression that they had no concept of a controller. However it really feels as if there is some sort of conflict.

Any ideas what is going on?

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Do you have a dynamic or static IP for all of the devices?

I’m using DHCP for all machines.

Why would it make a difference? This all worked just fine before the WDTV Live was added to the network.

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