Windows Streaming-On or Off?

I have two different brands of streaming media players connected via HDMI to my home theater system. Each unit fills in gaps in the other’s features or performance. I am not an expert of the different unit and Windows 7 options to set up streaming for each unit, but I seem to have a conflict that I would like assistance on:

The WD TV Live Windows Folder Sharing setup requires “Media Streaming is Off” under Network and Sharing Center/Change Advanced Sharing Settings. The other unit, Brand X, relies on Windows Media Player, which requires that Media Streaming be turned on.

WD TV Live works when Windows media streaming is off. When Windows streaming is on, the other unit works.

Can WD TV Live work with Windows streaming on?

thank you

Hello there,

On my Unit i had media streaming on and was able to use it with windows 7, I did not have any issues.


Yeah, I don’t think that setting matters unless maybe you want to use the PlayTo function in Windows 7. I’ve never tried this but I suspect that setting must be enabled for the WDTV to receive the file. Otherwise, WDTV doesn’t look for that setting when you share files or folders.