Windows Shares Win8.1 and WD TV live not working


I am the proud new owner of a WD TV Live. But I have a problem, I can’t get Windwos Shares on my WDTVlive.

I can connect with Media share, but than I can’t play .iso and can’t see movie information.

So I followed instructions from youtube ( ) , but when I set my WDTVlive to windows shares I only get an orange turning arrow and nothing happens next.

Computer and WD TV live both are in same WORKGROUP. Can you help me further? My computer sees the WDTVlive and I can see my shared maps on my tablet and my phone, but not with the WDTV live.

I’ve seen several ‘short’ tutorials but used none of them. I’m connecting to Win 8.1 with default settings by using my PCs main user/pw to log in to shares from my WDTV. No fiddling with password protection settings, registry or whatever. Maybe you do have to set file permissions on content of the shared folder?

Search Google for your issue. There is a document WD has for each operating system to make this work. Also, try resetting your WDTVL box to default settings and then try it.