Windows Server Essentials 2016 and WD Duo

We’re attempting to use a 28TB My Book Duo to backup an HP Server running Windows Server Essentials [WSE] 2016.

However we get an error message when we try and set-up the server backup.

The drive is visible in Explorer and in Disk Management - and is online.

The drive is detected by WSE during set-up - but we get the following message:

"Cannot complete the Set up Server Backup wizard

An error occurred while configuring the backup policy. Ensure all hard drives chosen for the backup destination are conncted, or exclude those backup drives that are offline. Also, ensure that all the hard drives to be backedup are connected to the server, power on and writable, and then try again. If the problem persists, check for stoarge related alerts"

All the Server drives are connected and online - and the destination drive [the WD Duo] is also connected and online.

We’ve tried the WD Duo in RAID 1 and RAID 0 formats. It makes no difference.

Is there a compatibility issue between WD Duo and Windows Server 2016?

I can find nothing conclusive online and no documentation from WD.


Life is too short - so gave up trying to make the WD Duo work.

Instead bought a TerraMaster 2 bay RAID drive. Shucked the WD Duo of it’s two 14TB drives [both WD Reds] and put them into the TerraMaster.

Took about 2 minutes.

Backup now works perfectly. Why the WD refused to play ball - heaven only knows.