Windows Server 2008

Please. I bought a WD my passport Essential SE (1 Tb) hard drive. Now I am not able to use this hard drive with my computer which runs Windows Server 2008 (64 bits). Does anybody know if it is possible to find drivers to solve this situation?

Thanks. JPA


The passport is only supported on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Nesvic: thanks for your answer.

Do you know if the passport will be supported in Windows Server 2008 in the near future?

I just migrated from a Linux fileserver over to a Windows SBS 2008 fileserver. I didn’t realize my MyBook wasn’t supported before I plugged it in and set up a backup schedule. Interestingly, I got the error that the drivers didn’t install correctly. HOWEVER, the MyBook was still recognized by the backup schedule, and the backup performed successfully last night. I came in this morning to troubleshoot the driver problem and found the blurb on the WD website that Server 2008 was not supported. When I look in Device Manager, the MyBook is tagged with a warning symbol. Yet when I look at Disk Manager, the drive appears. While it didn’t have an assigned drive letter, I was able to assign one. Anyone have any clues why - if the drivers aren’t installed correctly - I’m still able to manage and use this drive?