Windows SBS 2003 and WD World II 2TB

I have a WD World II 2TB NAS setup for a few years and everything was working. I added a new server which runs Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1. I have other workstations running Windows 7 Pro and they can all access the NAS no poblem but accessing from the server simply doesn’t work. 9 out of 10 times that I try I can access it I get error that it can’t find it. I’m running latest firmware.

Again the NAS can be accessed from all workstations running win 7 or xp but not from sbs 2003. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi there, could it be they don’t work together?

Anyway, what if you try map it and leave access to the public folder as open just for testing?

I can’t even access the drive in order to map the public folder. I have to try so many times and maybe i’ll get luck and see my folders.

I read somewhere that the WD NAS uses NetBios over TCP IP port 139 and that’ll cause problems with Windows SBS 2003?

Just a thought

Is your server in the same subnet? are they all connected to the same router? are you using a router switch or hub?

Try connecting the drive and the server directly into the same “router” and see if you can access it. 

Try disabling the firewall.

I have a Linksys router and a 3COM switch; the server, workstations and NAS are all on the 3COM switch. The router is the DHCP server and server, ws and nas all are on the same subnet. No firewall on the server.

I read somewhere that the NAS uses Netbios and that conflicts on port 139 with the server. I even disabled Netbios on my server but still the same issue. I can’t even access the web management for the nas.

Any ideas?