Windows recgnizes slow WD My Passport Ultra


I just a bought a new WD My Passport Ultra (the new version of the drive) 2 TB drive. I have the drive with BitLocker encrypted. When I attach the drive to my PC for Windows it takes 8-10 seconds to recognize and display the drive in Explorer. I also have a Toshiba Externel HDD 1 TB, also encrypted with BitLocker. The Toshiba drive will be recognized and display in Explorer in 3 seconds.
I tested on another PC as well, and the results are the same.

So my question:
Should I be worry? Or everyone else is experiencing the same issue?

Thanks in advance!


As a recommendation, test the drive using the WD DLG tool.

Link to app:


thanks for your reply. I tested my drive, and everything passed. Nonetheless I am a bit worried. If I start using the drive, and it fails, it would be very bad. Should I maybe get a replacement?