Windows Media Play will not Play To WD TV Live Plus

I am a new user. It took me a while to get Windows 7 to freely communicate with the WD TV Live Plus but I think that I have most of the settings right at this point. The one thing that I have not yet make work is the “Play To” function in Windows Media Player.

WMP plays my music files on the computer without a problem. If I try to send a song or playlist to the WD TV unit, I get a message that says WMP is trying to connect to the WDTV. After a while I get another message telling me that WMP was unable to “find the file”. At this point, the “play to” option no longer appears in WMP.

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong or how I can make this function work?



Welcome to the forums.

It’s possible the WMP can’t play that file – it’s limited as to what it can and can’t play (MKV files, for example).

My own advice in any case it to use net shares – much more reliable and works with almost any file the Live can play.

Thanks Mike. The shares work fine. The reason I wanted to get WMP to work is so I could send music to my stereo without turning on the TV. I have a projection TV that takes a while to warm up so it is a pain to turn the TV on just to get the music playing.

One thought I had was to find a small monitor, like a portable DVD player and plug that into the WD TV using the RCA ports while keeping the TV connected to the HDMI port. Has anyone tried this?

The goal would be to be able to see the WD TV GUI on the little screen when needed for selecting music. Will the WD TV play to both HDMI and RCA at the same time?

I also have an old iPod video hanging around. Is there any way to use this device for the purpose described above?