Windows does not startup when MyBook is connected

I just bought a MyBook Essential 2TB drive and started using it and working with it right away. Everything looked awesome and working, until i rebooted my computer, as it just won’t start.

It’s not a boot issue, as the Windows 7 startup begins, but then freezes on the loading image/animation. I disconnect, startup still frozen, so i restart the computer and i get the Windows start without any issues.

I’m also getting now, after some data was copied to the drive, the message from windows to “scan and fix MyBoot (E:)” when I always ejected/turned it off before disconnection. I tried once a quick scan to check, no issues found…

It’s all I’ve added to the system in the last 6 months, so I’m prtty sure it’s the drive itself. Any ideas on both issue?

Look in your BIOS and amke sure USB comes after yout hardrive with system on it.


Joe, thanks for the recommendation, but its not that.

I have USB as the last boot option (my BIOS only permits ordering, not taking it away). Also, probably I wasn’t clear enough before but the problem is not that the computer does not boot at all, the problem is that it is hanging windows startup (I get to see the starting windows message and all…and there it dies)

Try disabling USB legacy devices in BIOS. Sometimes this is a problem. The downside it may affect your mouse and keyboard.


Nothing, just the same…thanks for the try.

Any other ideas people?