Windows doen't mount the HDD when trying to use it external

Hi, let me explain a little my problem.

I have recently bougth a 3TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive, of course internal. I have a Thermaltake BlacX Docking Station to transform it in an external one, when i connected to my computer, all seem fine, except that the HDD didn’t show on the devices menu, like if it wasn’t recognized. I opened the “Devices and printers” window to see if it was recognized, and it was, or at least the Docking Station was. I thinked that maybe there was installed any software on the HDD that didn’t let me access to it unless it was from boot, so i had a simple idea: I have a Wii U, this is able to format any device to work with him, so my idea was formating with the Wii U to delete any software that didn’t let me mount the HDD, and then connect it to the PC, Windows will see that the HDD doesn’t had a format to work with the SO, and it will let me format it again to FAT32, and all work untill the part of the Wii U, it recognized the HDD, formated it, but when i conected tomy PC, it still didn’t mount it, and i know that its conected thanks to the fact that Windows make a sound when a device is conected to the PC. Need to say that other external HDD can be mounted on my PC, i have a Seagate one(External by default, i didn’t used the docking for this), and it can be conected to my PC for usage. The 3TB is the one i own. This is the model of my Docking Station.

And i’m using Windows 10, if someone know how can i solve this problem, i would be very indebted.

PD: Sorry for my way to speak, i’m Mexican and not too good in english.

You have set up the hard drive previously internally and used? Or is the hard drive new and unused? If the hard drive is connected, please open the Disk Management, maximize the window and make a screenshot (use the Snipping Tool of Windows) and place the picture in here. Open the command prompt and enter the following command: wmic diskdrive get bytespersector,model (Exactly write like this!)

What is displayed as a result for the external hard drive? 4096 or 512?


Thanks for your answer.

I don’t really know what happened, but after i saw your answer, i was prepared to make all you said, only that this time, when connected mi HDD to the computer, it appeared on the Disk Management!! Yesterday didn’t appeared, and that was that confused me, but today appeared like unallocated memory, what’s normal considering the part when i formated it with the Wii U. After i saw it there, i was able to format it and mount it, and now i can access to him. I just don’t know if i missed some preconfig, or if this is some kind of dark magic, but the fact that now it works, it works.

Thank you again for your answer, and i hope that maybe this could help someone if they have a similar problem.