Windows DLG Diagnostic support for more than 8 drives

I had a WD 2TB Green drive start throwing bad blocks, and when I went to scan it with DLG on my Windows 2008 R2 server I could only see the first 8 drives in my file server. I have 12 drives, 9 of them WD in that system. I had to shut down, disconnect a bunch of them, and then restart to be able to scan the bad disk with DLG. Afterwards I had to shut down again and reconnect them of course. It would be nice not to have that limitation in DLG. I think a lot of people are building large file servers and, while not the norm, having more than 8 drives isn’t that uncommmon.

Definitely +1. With Reds supporting up to 8 drives in an enclosure, and Red Pros supporting more than 8, it doesn’t make any sense to limit the number of displayed drives to 8.

Especially since one is usually taken up by an OS drive, which, nowadays, will most likely be a non-WD SSD drive, it means the tool can only see 7 potential drives.

And if people have multiple enclosures, or enterprise level drives, this number can well be higher.