Windows boot driver for installation

I am trying to build a new computer with EVGA X299 motherboard. I tried using a new WD4003FFBX. The bios does not recognize the drive but during installation, Windows recognizes the drive but it won’t allow using it for the boot partition.I tried a prior version of the drive (oldeer 4tb WD Red Pro) which bios recognizes and Windows will allow to us, but it won’t it will not start the install process and gives me a windows error code. I did not try to format yet, as I thought Windows would do that if needed, but I did notice that it asks if their is a driver during the partition selection page. Is there a driver you can use and instructions how to get it recognized on a USB drive? Is there another DOS type bootable app that allows prepping the drive for windows 10 like the dos bootable program I found at WD that appears to allow you to test or erase all data on the drive?

Is it a new drive or a pull from a NAS?