Windows Backup issue after upgrading to 2.11.133

After upgrading my My Cloud EX2 firmware from 1.05.36 to 2.11.133 I noticed my weekly Windows Backup (System Image) of my laptops were failing (not completing within a reasonable time period). Prior to the upgrade the backup time took 10 minutes via a wired connection or 20 minutes via wireless connection. Under Firmware 2.11.133 the backup would not complete or it would take over 6 hours.

Before suspecting the My Cloud I initially thought I was having a network issue but could not find a problem with my network. I then tested the laptops to a USB connected drive; there were no issues and the backup completed as expected. Realizing that the only other change made since the backups started failing was the firmware upgrade to the My Cloud I decided to downgraded the firmware to Version 1.05.36 and retest the backups; they complete in the expected times.

In addition to this issue, the hard drives failed to sleep as they use to under 1.05.36 and the drive were very hot to the touch. I took the option to force the fan on while I was looked for a solution to the sleep issue. After downgrading to 1.05.36 the drives now go to sleep as expected.

Has anyone run into these issues? If so, is there a workaround?

Laptops: Window 7 Pro

My EX2 firmware is 2.11.142 from a few day ago

You may want to try the new firmware.