Windows 98 backup

Can I use ‘My Passport Essential’ to backup all my files from an old PC running Windows 98 to transfer to a new laptop? 

If so, how?


We no longer support our drives on older systems like Windows 98.  You won’t find any drivers for USB 2.0.

The following generic mass storage drivers work very well with my Win98SE setup.

Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers:

Here is another driver set:

Universal Win98 Mass Storage Driver:

The first driver set includes USB 2.0 host controller drivers for various chipsets.

Be aware that your old hardware may not have a USB 2.0 controller, in which case you will be limited to transfer rates of about 1MB/s, whereas USB 2.0 will typically achieve 20MB/s. Look for an EHCI (enhanced) host controller in Device Manager, or use Microsoft’s UVCView utility to detect your USB hardware:

If the USB 2.0 hardware isn’t there, you can install a cheap PCI USB 2.0 card. However, I would avoid those with a VIA chipset. These have lots of issues, as discussed at the following URL.

VIA USB Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting:

Excellent, fzabkar.  Thanks.