Windows 8 --- WDTV Live

I am strugging finding a solution to my problem and would appreciate any help you folks can provide.

I recently installed Windows 8 on my PC and I am having difficulty getting logged in through my WDTV Live box.

In windows 7 I used to be able to select my PC from the WDTV Live  via “Select Content Source”>“Network Share”>“Windows Share”>“PC Name” and then enter my username and password and it would allow me to access my files and directory structure. 

With Windows 8 it is the same process on the WDTV Live box but when I enter my computer username/password it tells me that the user/pass is invalid though it is not. I found a post from another user who stated they just had to create a local account and I tried this solution but it failed to allow me into a local account with administrative rights. The WDTVLIve does show up in my windows 8 devices list and says “currently in use”. 

Can anyone help?


Hi, review the steps from the link below to see if that helps.

I had the exact same issue.  

Your problem MAY be with the way you log into windows. When you install Windows 8, you have the option to choose one of two accounts a local account or a Microsoft account.  Having a Microsoft account caused all my problems.

To change your account type: 

Press the windows key plus I to bring up your side menu

Click on “Change PC setting”

From the menu on the left select “Users”

Click on the “Switch to local account” button

Windows will ask you to enter a new username and password. 

Enter your new details on you WD TV live box and Bobs your uncle. 

Hope it helps 

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Thank you for the help!

This definitely worked. 

I am able to see my shares still using the Mircosoft Account. I just used my first name attached to the account. If that doesn’t work, you can also try < MicrosoftAccount\> since that works for remote desktop connections.

I tried this. Still am unable to get it to work.

Sharing between Windows PCs works flawlessly, my PC does not even show up on the WD Live TV anymore.

You do not need to switch from a Microsoft Account to a Local Account setup to connect.

Go to the Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Configure advanced user profile properties.

You’ll get a User Profiles popup window.  In it you’ll see the cached local account for this login.  It will be “PCNAME\username”

Obviously the “PCNAME” is the pc your trying to connect to.  Login with that local “username” and the same password on your Microsoft Account when connecting to a network share.  Stream like a boss.

Not sure what that local username is exactly…have not yet researched it, seems like it’s some kind of a local cache for the Microsoft Account.


my issue is not logging into my share it is simply making my share appear. so this does not help. thank you for trying.

Thanks,  bschiav. Your post led me to the right username. It appears that the username is case-sensitive. I was entering all lower case letters and kept getting the “wrong username or password” error.  The funny thing is, the lower case password worked when I was connecting to a Windows 8 Release Preview build computer. It wasn’t until I upgraded to the official Windows 8 Pro OS that I couldn’t connect.  Back to streaming like a boss.